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Our Most Popular Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

Sit back and relax at your place by utilizing our total home care solutions.
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One-Time Cleaning

Starting from AED 25

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Starting from AED 25

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Monthly Packages

Starting from AED 20

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Deep Cleaning

Starting from AED 200

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Sofa Cleaning

Starting from AED 40

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Carpet Cleaning

Starting from AED 30

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Curtain Cleaning

Starting from AED 25

Booking a Cleaning Service has never been this Easy.

Follow these steps and let us kick-start the work
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Convenient Booking

Reach us on WhatsApp or phone to initiate a service.

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Pick a Plan

Next up, we receive your instructions, confirm your booking and get ready to serve you.

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We Work

We send you a seasoned professional cleaner at your doorsteps in time.

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You Relax

You’re done. Continue enjoying your day as our professional commences his/her work.

Service Seeking Cleaning Service on an hourly basis. Reach us if you have any questions.

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Looking for cleaning services in Abu Dhabi?

You’re just a few clicks away to book an appointment with a professional. All of us are engaged in our everyday life -whether slogging it out in an office or grappling to manage home. We may not have the time and patience to keep our place clean and tidy. This is where we can step in to help you manage this vital activity. We have partnered with premier cleaning companies based in Abu Dhabi to serve you. We are available 6 days a week, excluding Sundays. Tell us when and where you want the service to be carried out and our professional will be at your disposal. Our services include, among others, keeping your home tidy, dusting off surfaces, sweeping and mopping the floor etc., at absolutely affordable rates.

For those who seek more specialized cleaning services, we have office cleaning, deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, laundry services, pool cleaning, water tank cleaning and window cleaning for villas.

Kick off with a free estimate

Delivering Exceptional Cleaning Services

Irrespective of size limitations, we’re here to fulfill your expectations for your home and office.
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Home Cleaning

Excellent, trustworthy home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and the UAE on an hourly basis.

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Deep Cleaning

Professional deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi from experienced cleaners at affordable rates.

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Maid Service

Highly qualified housekeepers, domestic helps and cleaning personnel available on an hourly basis.

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Commercial Cleaning

We offer commercial cleaning services for your commercial or business establishment such as restaurants, hotels or hospitals with our well-equipped cleaning professionals.

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Fabric Based Furniture Cleaning

We employ only specialized equipment and chemicals to give a facelift to your fabric-based furniture such as sofas, carpets, curtains, mattresses etc.,

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Move In & Out Service

We help you restore your facility back to its original shape whenever a new guest checks in or vacates, with utmost care.

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Laundry & Ironing

We help you serve your guests with timely laundry and ironing services in order to get them ready for a day with confidence and cheer.

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Before & After Party Cleaning

We take care of this tiresome job on behalf of you and you can throw a party to your friends or colleagues without any hesitation.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Removing construction debris and other related waste immediately after a construction work requires an expert like us. Leave the job to us and get your facility ready for use in quick time.

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What does a Cleaning Service in Abu Dhabi bring to the table?

Deploying a cleaning service in Abu Dhabi for your homes and organizations might sound a fad. It’s far from that, we can contend. A cleaning service has gained significance in the contemporary era more than ever. First up, it saves your precious time allowing you to indulge in activities that bring you greater joy and fun. Two, household activities like cleaning are best left to trained professionals, at least once in a specific period, say a week or month. When you have experts who can complete a tiresome work efficiently in pretty good time, why strain yourselves and jeopardize your day?

Hit a gym, visit a mall, enjoy a film, unwind yourself in a party or go for a walk in a nearby park with your loved ones. Come back and be witness to a transformed space, thanks to the magic of our expert cleaners. Leave tasks like vacuuming, mopping and dusting to us in Abu Dhabi. And then find out how your kitchens, restrooms, closets, curtains and windows wear a brand new look.

Our objective is to help you find more free time in your life and relax in a way just how you want. We can assure you a highly satisfying experience.

Why we are always the First Choice?

Expertise, professionalism and customer satisfaction are the qualities that have helped us gain the reputation we enjoy in the industry. We’re known for the following:
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Professional Cleaners

Our cleaners are diligent, friendly and highly qualified in their profession, always willing to serve you.

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Reliable Service

For us, our endeavor is more than just business, it’s relationships that we build with our customers.

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We are extremely conscious about our environment. We use only non-hazardous, eco-friendly, sustainable products and services to serve you.

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Same day service availability

You can opt for our service on the same day you call us for an appointment or at a future date.

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Affordable Price

Our pricing policy is 100% transparent and we offer the most affordable rates in Abu Dhabi.

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Flexible Cleaning

Our service packages are designed to suit your specific needs and preferences, making them adaptable and flexible.

What do our Clients say about our Services?

As we march ahead with our commitment to satisfy our esteemed customers, find out what some of them are saying about us:
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Ms. Haza
Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

I was skeptical about going for Service Seeking Facility Management, as there are numerous such service companies based in Abu Dhabi. I was proved wrong. It turned out to be an extremely satisfying experience for me in the end. Hats off to the whole team.

testimonials thumb
Ms. Ponkodie
Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi

I have to tell you honestly that I am simply amazed at the kind of service these people are offering. I’m sure I’m going to tell all my friends and colleagues about this wonderful service.

testimonials thumb
Ms. Anoud
Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

We are actually spoilt for choices when it comes to deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. But I realized not every service out there is like what I got here. I’m absolutely happy that I chose this service. And I will come back to these people again and again.

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Mr. Lee
Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi

I heard about this service through a colleague of mine. In fact, I had a chance to visit his home and check how beautifully it's been transformed thanks to this service. I made up my mind immediately and called these folks. And I too got a pleasant experience like my colleague.

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More about Service Seeking Facility Management

Home & Office Maintenance and cleaning services in Abu Dhabi

Service Seeking Facility Management is a premier destination for all maintenance and cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Over the years, we have grown to become a trustworthy and reputable cleaning service by sheer hard work and commitment. We offer services to both residences and commercial establishments. We perfectly understand the place you live or work in and what it exactly needs to look tidy and clean. We host a range of services that include electric system services, carpentry, plumbing, painting, AC maintenance, moving and packing, exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, sofa shampooing, carpet cleaning, washing, swimming pool cleaning, maid services, garden maintenance etc.,

How do We work?

In the UAE, finding the right cleaning specialist for your needs might be difficult. However, you can bank on us as we have a team of highly skilled artisans and cleaning professionals to serve you. We can assure you, this is not going to be the only time with us. So don’t wait.

Easy to book an appointment

Booking a world class service for cleaning and maintenance of your place in Abu Dhabi is easy and simple. You can book us through a phone call, email or reach us through WhatsApp. Our customer support will immediately reach you.

Arrange a meeting or time

Our expert professional will reach your doorstep at the scheduled time, after you book an appointment. You can make the payment on an hourly basis.

Hassle-free service

Our world class professionals, aided with top quality cleaning supplies perfectly understand the nuisance of their job. Trust us that your furniture will be handled with utmost care. We will also ensure the service is done within the scheduled time.

Completion & Payment

In compliance with our policy of providing customers with value for their hard-earned money, we offer you simple and reasonable prices.

Terms & Conditions
  • No cancellation charges up to 6 hours prior to an appointment
  • Cancellations or changes made less than 6 hours before an appointment may attract a late cancellation/modification fee. Please note that we hold no responsibility for any theft might occur or damage being done during/before/after a service.
  • Customers are advised to be ready with all the necessary permissions from their owners/ lessees/property management companies/real estate companies/ communities etc., to carry out the service smoothly and trouble-free.
  • In the event of a complaint, please notify us within 24 hours after completion the completion of a work.
  • Service Seeking seeks your presence or your representative at the time of a service to oversee the work being done. All changes and corrections must be suggested before our professional leaves your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dusting, sweeping and mopping of accessible areas
  • Washing kitchens, removing trash and doing utensils
  • Arranging beds and linens
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Interior window cleaning

It generally depends on how large is your house and how often you get involved in cleaning activities. Based on our experience, an average customer requires professional cleaning services for his home once in a month. You may also be someone who needs the service once every week. If cleaning is done in a routine, then you can consider pampering your home with professionals right after a vacation or days before a special occasion at home or your organization.

It’s advisable for customers to disclose whether they have any allergy or skin sensitivity towards cleaning material we use. Please produce all relevant information beforehand to address the concern before commencing our service.

Our prices are some of the most affordable in Abu Dhabi. The pricing is determined by the size of your home and the duration of the service you’ve opted for. You can decide on the duration of a service, say 2 to 6 hours, depending on a specific requirement. Services such as deep cleaning would need extra time. If you already have cleaning supplies at home, our professional will make use of them. If not, it’s up to us. In that case, you can book the service having the supply material as add-ons. From what we’ve observed, customers reach us with some supplies. Our professionals will take care of bringing other required supplies for the work.

These days in many families, we see both men and women working and they have a career of their own. People are struggling to juggle their career and family. In this scenario, household cleaning activities naturally take the backseat. It’s where a professional service comes handy for you. Just tell us the duration and the number of professionals you require and we’ll swing into action.

The professionals bring vacuum cleaners, mops, brushes, microfiber cloths, soaps, detergents and other supplies along with them.

No. We don’t trouble you with advance payment. The payment can be made after a service is completed.

Schedule Your Cleaning Session Today

Schedule an appointment with us for a cleaning professional at your convenience via phone calls, emails or WhatsApp. One of our friendly customer service executes will get back to you soon.