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Elevate Your Living Standards with Top-Quality House Maids

Service Seeking Facility Management is your ultimate destination for top-quality housemaid and cleaning services in the Abu Dhabi. We prioritize your convenience and well-being, connecting you with skilled and trusted maids. Whether you need a one-time assistance or regular help, our dedicated maids are ready to cater to your unique needs and schedule. Safety is paramount, and our housemaids adhere to strict health protocols, ensuring your protection against germs and viruses.

Having live-in maids in Abu Dhabi who can contribute to your daily workload makes life so much easier. You can count on Service Seeking Facility Management’s Maid Service to get your back if you are on the lookout for trustworthy domestic helpers. Our domestic and commercial cleaning packages are not only efficient but also reliable. One of the main advantages of having a maid at home is that they may help with household chores like cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, cooking wonderful meals, including doing errands. We are mindful of your preferences and needs since we know that everyone has their own unique way of doing things. You will decide which domestic services you want to use, and we'll do our best to uphold your own standard of cleanliness.

Booking a full time & part time housemaid is simple through our user-friendly platform, available on our website, or by giving us a call. Experience the joy of a spotless and organized home while enjoying more quality time with your loved ones. Join us for an unmatched cleaning experience that combines quality, affordability, and convenience.

What Services Do Our Full-Time & Part-Time Housemaids Offer?

When you choose our full-time or part-time housemaids in Abu Dhabi, you can expect exceptional and personalized cleaning solutions to suit your specific preferences. Our skilled housemaids are trained professionals with expertise in a wide range of cleaning tasks, ensuring that every corner of your home receives meticulous attention and care. Here's a breakdown of the comprehensive services our housemaids provide:

kitchen cleaning maids

Kitchen Cleaning

Our experienced housemaids handle kitchen cleaning with utmost efficiency, whether it's a small apartment kitchen or a bustling restaurant setup. They take pride in leaving your kitchen spotless by meticulously cleaning countertops, sinks, stovetops, ovens, and refrigerators. Additionally, they'll ensure your kitchen floors are impeccably mopped for a fresh look.

bathroom cleaning maids

Bathroom Cleaning

Understanding the importance of a hygienic and fresh bathroom, our dedicated housemaids take great care in thoroughly scrubbing and sanitizing every aspect of your bathroom. From toilets and sinks to showers and bathtubs, every surface and floor will be sparkling clean, providing you and your family with a pleasant and sanitary space.

living room cleaning maids

Living Room Cleaning

Our housemaids take special care in maintaining the inviting ambiance of your living room. They meticulously dust and polish all surfaces, including furniture, electronics, and decorations. Furthermore, they'll vacuum or mop the floors to ensure your living room exudes cleanliness and comfort.

bedroom cleaning maids

Bedroom Cleaning

For a peaceful and relaxing retreat, our housemaids offer top-notch bedroom cleaning services. They expertly make your bed, dust, and polish all surfaces, and vacuum or mop the floors. If you desire, they can even change your bed sheets and duvet covers, ensuring your bedroom is a haven of tranquility.

customized cleaning maids

Customized Cleaning

At Service Seeking Facility Management, we understand that each home has unique cleaning requirements. Hence, we provide customized cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. When booking a housemaid, simply specify your cleaning preferences, and our team will ensure your home receives personalized care and attention.


Affordable Pricing for House Maid Services in Abu Dhabi

Concerns about the cost of hiring a maid in Abu Dhabi are common among many individuals. Fortunately, Service Seeking addresses this worry by offering cost-effective maid services that align with your financial plans. Our competitive prices and diverse pricing options are designed to accommodate various budgets and cleaning requirements.

The expense of maid services in Abu Dhabi is influenced by multiple factors, including the type of service, your home's size, and the frequency of cleaning. At Service Seeking, we provide a spectrum of pricing alternatives for our maid services, encompassing both hourly rates and fixed-price packages. Furthermore, our commitment to value is evident in the discounts we offer for recurring cleaning services, ensuring long-term savings.

When selecting top-tier maids in Abu Dhabi, it's crucial to balance cost with service quality. Service Seeking takes meticulous measures in selecting and screening our maids to guarantee they are exceptional in their field. Possessing experience, skill, and rigorous training, our maids consistently deliver superior service. With the convenience of same-day or next-day availability, getting the assistance you require is effortless.

In essence, hiring a cleaning maid in Abu Dhabi doesn't have to strain your finances. Service Seeking is your solution for economical and dependable maid services that cater to your specific budget and cleaning preferences. Our maids stand as paragons of excellence, and our dedication to providing top-tier service on every occasion is unwavering. Don't hesitate - secure your maid in Abu Dhabi today through Service Seeking and immerse yourself in hassle-free cleaning services.

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Effortless Maid Booking

Booking professional maid services with Service Seeking Cleaning Company is a seamless and convenient process. Discover how you can swiftly book maids for your cleaning needs:

Step 01
specify requirements icon

Specify Your Cleaning Requirements

Kickstart the process by informing us about the specific cleaning services you require. Let us know the type of service you're seeking, the number of rooms you'd like cleaned, and any unique requests or instructions you may have. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our maids in Abu Dhabi deliver top-notch cleaning solutions tailored to your preferences.

Step 02
preferred date icon

Choose Your Preferred Date and Time

Select your ideal date and time for the cleaning service. We understand the demands of your busy lifestyle, which is why we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your convenience.

Step 03
address icon

Provide Contact and Address Details

Share your contact information and address so that our dedicated cleaning maids know where to offer their services. We value your trust and guarantee that your information will remain confidential and not be shared with any third parties.

Step 04
payment methid icon

Opt for Your Payment Method

Indicate your preferred payment method, whether it's using your credit card or the traditional option of cash. Your comfort and ease matter to us, and we'll take care of the rest.

Step 05
clean home icon

Revel in a Refreshed Home!

Once your booking is confirmed, take a moment to relax as our friendly and reliable cleaning team takes charge of your cleaning tasks. With meticulous care, they'll address all your cleaning needs, ensuring that every corner of your home receives the attention it deserves. Prepare to experience consistent high-quality service that meets your expectations every time.

At Service Seeking Cleaning Company, your satisfaction is paramount. Our straightforward booking process ensures that your home stays pristine and inviting, granting you more time to enjoy the comfort of your clean surroundings.

Find your perfect Maid Services in Abu Dhabi

Our procedure is very straightforward. Call us or request for a callback, and we'll be pleased to set up a free in-person meeting to get things started. After that, you can finalise a date for the commencement of your home care plan.

If you consistently need assistance during the day, a live-in maid might be more suitable for you. This person will live in your home with you and be there anytime you need them. They are fully trained and have passed all background checks.

The procedure includes carefully assigning you with a live-in maid. We learn more about your tastes and the kind of person you're seeking for when we first meet you. You will even get to choose from a variety of profiles, and we are always available if you have any questions.

We also provide a solution for when your maid needs a break, which typically occurs every 4-6 weeks. In order to help you until they return, we will make arrangements for a qualified replacement maid who will be trained on the daily activities and how you prefer things done.

Do you require temporary care? We provide live-in assistance starting as little as three days. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and your requirements.

Why Choose Us

So many reasons to love Service Seeking Facility Management

professional cleaners icon

Trusted Professional Cleaners

We are one of the top cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi who are experts in what we do. Our maids and cleaners have been directly employed by us and have successfully passed a stringent screening process before joining our team. They also undergo training to ensure that they perform a good quality job.

same day availability services icon

Same Day Availability

We don’t take 2 or 3 days to dispatch a maid and provide immediate assistance for our customers who need maid services urgently.

7 days a week service icon

7 Days a Week Service

We are not constrained by working hours. To accommodate you and your schedule, our caregivers are available to visit on weekends and in the evenings. Rest assured that if your needs ever change, our assistants will be able to accommodate them so that you are always satisfied with the services you receive.

affordable maid services icon

Affordable Maid Service

We don’t add hidden costs to our price schemes. We publish our honest price so that our customers can good quality services without burning a hole in their pocket. WE promise a perfect balance between quality and affordable pricing.

customer service icon

Superior Customer Service

Your local branch manager will get in touch with you frequently to check on your satisfaction with the services and to implement any needed adjustments.

Make your weekends fun and productive. Leave your housework to us!

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More About Service Seeking Maid Service

After you have contacted us for maid service we will send a consultant to your residence for a free consultation. Convey your needs for care and maintenance, including any areas where you'd need assistance, your preferences, and any fragile objects in your house we should be aware of. Together, we will then develop a list of priorities and a strategy for your own customized care service. Since the beginning, we have taken pride in offering a skilled live-in care service that has grown to be a competitive option to residential and commercial clients.

Having a reliable maid is the best way to keep your house clean without taking out much time from your other important tasks. This gives you extra time to spend with your friends and family without having to compromise on the cleanliness of your house. Service Seeking Facility Management aims to bridge this gap in the market by providing hassle-free cleaning solutions. We offer maid services ranging from hourly live-in, live out and sponsored maid services in Abu Dhabi to commercial and residential premises.

  • Maids available in hourly, part-time and live-in basis
  • English-speaking and professionally trained
  • Strict background checks on all our maids
  • Routine performance evaluations through customer feedback
  • Customizable service and affordable price schemes
  • Consistent with UAE government standards

Other Services We Provide

house cleaning maids

House Cleaning

Our trained maids can assist in keeping your home clean to always exude that warm and cozy feel. Many activities, like dishwashing, vacuuming both carpeted and hardwood flooring, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the oven, and even dusting, will be performed by your maid. You can even choose particular duties for a day based on what you require because this service is so versatile. Your maid will inquire about any priority at the beginning of the day and will follow your instructions at all times.

office cleaning maids

Office Cleaning

Whether you are seeking cleaning help for your commercial office or your home-based office we will equip you with the right cleaners. If you're searching for office cleaners to keep the office immaculate, safeguard the staff's health, and increase productivity, you can contact us for hassle-free services.

errands and shopping maids

Running errands and Shopping

We offer domestic services outside of the home as well. The maids we assign you are capable of completing errands like picking up mail from the Post Office or purchasing medicines listed on prescriptions, go grocery shopping and get other necessities.

washing and ironing maids

Washing & Ironing

Anyone would feel pressured by a mountain of laundry and ironing, so why not take the burden off by hiring one of our maids? Along with any other tasks you might need assistance with, they can finish your laundry and ironing at home.

babysitting maids


We will dispatch the greatest childcare providers for your family when you book babysitters with us. Whether you require care for your newborn or teenager, we will match your family with a perfect babysitter to suit your requirements.

party help maids

Party Help

We can offer you waiters, party helpers, and after-party cleaners for all types of parties. We carefully choose our staff members and give them specialized training for events like this. Remember that we can also assist with the cleanup after the party with our after party cleaning services.

carpet cleaning maids

Carpet Cleaning

Service Seeking Facility Management offers qualified local cleaners with years of experience in performing quality carpet cleaning services. The steam cleaning procedure used by our carpet professionals effectively eliminates bacteria, mold, and germs from dirty carpets while also sanitizing the carpet material.

deep cleaning maids

Deep Cleaning

We can set up a professional cleaning team to visit your home at a time that works for you. All Abu Dhabi customers wishing to avoid tedious house cleaning should choose our deep cleaning service. In order to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your home, our house cleaners follow a checklist for each room or area and adopt a top-to-bottom approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can rely completely on our house maid services in Abu Dhabi. We carefully check the backgrounds of our maids before hiring for trustworthiness.

How frequently you hire a house maid depends on what suits you. Some like weekly cleaning, while others prefer bi-weekly or monthly sessions. Talk to us to customize the right schedule for you.

Our house maid services in Abu Dhabi take your belongings' safety seriously. But it's wise to keep valuables safe during cleaning, just to be sure.

If our house maid service's cleaning doesn't satisfy you, tell us right away. We will address your concerns and make things better.

Our house maid services in Abu Dhabi bring their cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to worry about providing them with supplies.

Yes, our Abu Dhabi house maid services offer one-time cleaning. It's great for special occasions, after construction, or to try the service before regular cleanings.

Yes, you can request a specific maid for your regular cleaning. However, this depends on availability and confirmation by the cleaning company.

Our maids come from various countries like the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. They are trained and experienced in cleaning and housekeeping.

No, there's no contract needed for hourly or live-out maid services. You can easily book online or via phone. But for sponsoring a live-in maid, a contract is required along with legal documents like visa and health insurance.

Yes, some companies offer full-time housekeepers who can live in or out. You can select the nationality and language preference. The cleaning company handles legalities like visas and health insurance.

There are live-in maids, part-time maids working a few hours daily, and cleaning agencies providing hourly or daily services.

Yes, you can cancel with two weeks’ notice.

You can request a replacement.

Maids have rights to a safe environment, fair wages, and annual leave.

Hours vary based on the company and service type. For hourly maids, it's usually 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, six days a week. Live-in maids follow the contract and labor law. Sponsored maid service hours depend on your agreement.


Areas we cover in Abu Dhabi

We provide our services in the following key regions. However, if you are unsure whether we cover your area, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We are committed to serving our customers, regardless of their location, and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Khalifa City

  • Mazdar City
  • Mazdar Park
  • Al Forsan
  • Al Raha Garden
  • Al Raha Beach

Al Reem Island

  • Nalaya Village
  • Mangrove Palace

Saadiyat Island

  • Hidd Saadiyat
  • Saadiyat Beach Residence
  • Saadiyat Beach Villas
  • Pearl Residence
  • Mamsha
  • Jawahar Saadiyat
  • Sunset Bay
  • Corniche area


  • Tourist Club
  • Sas Al Nakheel
  • Mangrove Village
  • Seashore Villas
  • Umm Al Nar
  • Rabdan area
  • Al Rawdah
  • Al Bateen
  • Al Mushrif
  • Al Zahiya
  • Mohamed Bin Zayed City
  • Mussafah
  • Abu Dhabi Industrial City
  • Baniyas West
  • Baniyas East
  • Al Mafraq
  • Yas Island

We are always expanding our coverage area. If you do not see your area listed, please contact us to inquire about future availability.