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Abu Dhabi is regarded as one of the best places to work in the world because of its tax-free laws, evolutionary mindset, and beautiful offices. Maintaining these office environments are mandatory to ensure the company’s overall success. A clean office in Abu Dhabi not only provides a better first impression but it also increases employee retention, boosts productivity, and improves motivation. The benefits of a clean office in Abu Dhabi are numerous and the first step to reaping these benefits is to hire a reputed cleaning company in Abu Dhabi like service seeking facility management. We are a trustworthy company with years of experience in cleaning offices.

If you are wondering what makes us different from the other cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi, the answer is simple!

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Our team of cleaners are experienced and trustworthy. Apart from providing them with the latest training, we only recruit them after conducting a thorough background and character check.

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Our clients hire us because we are very flexible with our packages while providing competitive pricing.

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We have a strong track record for cleaning in Abu Dhabi thanks to our years of experience.

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Our cleaning processes and products not only transform your office into a clean haven but also make sure that it does not harm the environment in any way.

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Office Cleaning Specialized for Abu Dhabi Offices

A clean and well-maintained office promotes productivity and employee morale. With Service Seeking Facility Management’s pre-arranged cleaning packages, your office can get the cleaning it needs regardless of its size or type. Our Services can also be customized according to your office requirements. From cleaning workspaces to washing bathrooms, we will handle every part of your office with utmost care and precision. Some of our office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi include:

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Daily Maintenance

Our daily maintenance packages cover everything from vacuuming carpets to desk sanitation and waste handling to mopping floors. In simple, it takes care of all the necessary cleaning tasks to keep your office space hygienic. Regular cleaning helps in maintaining a healthy office environment for your employees and clients, and our cleaning team will complete this task efficiently.

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Deep Cleaning

This package is suitable to get rid of all the stubborn dust and dirt that is hidden in hard-to-reach areas. We recommend our clients book an office deep cleaning package at least once in four months. This tackles dust in areas like light fixtures, corners, and edges that are overlooked in a regular cleaning session. It also takes care of cleaning and polishing office furniture for a comprehensive deep cleaning solution.

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Washroom Cleaning

With this package, we take the complete responsibility of thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting sinks, floors, toilets, fixtures and mirrors. We guarantee your office washroom will always be ready for use and in the best condition.

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Pantry Cleaning

Our pantry cleaning service covers sanitizing and cleaning countertops, sinks, and any furniture or appliances in your office kitchen. We also handle garbage disposal, pantry supply organization and anything else you require when booking a package with us.

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Customized Services

We understand that every office is different and will have different cleaning needs. This is why we have a range of add-on services that customers can request depending on their requirements. This includes everything from post-construction cleaning to upholstery cleaning and more.

Our Effective Office Cleaning Process

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Site visit and inspection

We start by conducting a complete assessment of your office and getting to know you cleaning needs. Our cleaning experts will then identify the ideal cleaning approaches and requirements according to your specific case.

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Customized cleaning schedule

We develop a cleaning schedule that is suitable for your office operations and schedules to minimize any disturbances and maximize efficiency.

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Cleaning and execution

Our skilled cleaning team will complete the planned cleaning tasks using state-of-the-art tools and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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Customer feedback

After all cleaning tasks are complete, we collect customer feedback to identify any areas that need more consideration and guarantee a high-quality office cleaning service.

Affordable Pricing

Our office cleaning packages are valued with a specific pricing strategy that eliminates any hidden fees. You can trust our rates and we guarantee that our services will be of the best quality so that you receive complete value for the money you invest in cleaning your office.

Hassle-Free Bookings

Scheduling an office cleaning package with us is straightforward and convenient. You can choose to book by contacting our hotline where our friendly customer service team will handle your requests or book through our user-friendly website. Either way you will be able to experience seamless booking that will take you one step closer to a cleaner office.

In a city like Abu Dhabi, a clean and well-maintained office is an icon of luxury and professionalism. Partner with Service Seeking Facility Management to raise the standards with your pristine and sparkling workspace. Contact us now to transform your office into the well-maintained space you envision.

Customer Review

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Mr. Habib Al Maali

Service Seeking Facility Management’s professional and deep cleaning office service transformed our office completely. Our office atmosphere is more vibrant now. Hiring the best cleaners does make a difference. I will recommend them to all my other colleagues.

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Mr. Vincent John

After hiring service seeking cleaners to conduct our daily office cleaning, we have seen a huge difference in our office. Employees are more productive, we feel proud to show off our office to our partners and clients, and it always smells amazing. Good job guys!